How to Uninstall TutuApp

The Google play store privacy protection tipped me to uninstall TutuApp the last time I logged into the play store to update all my apps. It wasn’t surprising though because the same play store privacy protection has also tipped me to uninstall Vidmate. I won’t go an extra mile since I know how to uninstall TutuApp and all apps in general on smartphones using different approaches.

So, when I saw a red alert to uninstall TutuApp, I knew it was because the TutuApp was kicked out of the Google play store for violating the Android store apps downloader terms and condition.

In today’s guide, I will share with you different ways to uninstall apps on your Android phone, mainly, various approaches to uninstall TutuApp APK from your Android smartphone. TutuApp is an app download store alternative to the Google play store for Android, Apple apps store for iOS, and Windows apps download store for Windows phone.

With the TutuApp, all premium apps, games, and utility apps including apps that are kicked out the Google play store and other app stores for policy violation can be downloaded directly from TutuApp and install it on your smartphone.

The procedures to download TutuApp for all smartphone doesn’t follow the same approach since the OS ain’t the same. However, before we discuss the various ways to uninstall TutuApp, we have previously taken a look at how to download TutuApp for all devices, for your smartphone just clicks on the name of the OS to learn how to download the latest TutuApp.

How to Uninstall TutuApp

How to Uninstall TutuApp

There are various approaches to uninstall apps from a smartphone. It all depends on your choice of procedure. However, all known method to uninstall apps from an Android phone will be discussed here as I’m about to uninstall TutuApp from my own device.

Method 1

This is the most common method to uninstall apps from a smartphone. Just follow this procedure as the fast means with your finger.

Go to the app menu

Press and hold “TutuApp

Drag the TutuApp to the trash can at the center of the page

Click on OK


Method 2

This “how to uninstall TutuApp” is a bit complex but not as the next procedures. Follow the steps below.

Go to your phone settings

Click on apps or application manager or app manager

Click on TutuApp

Tap on Disable or Force to stop

Click on Uninstall or Remove


Some smartphones use remove instead of uninstalling. Just find your way around the remove or uninstall button in the apps manager interface and remove the TutuApp.

Method 3

Make sure you have an internet connection before you proceed to use this procedure. Here, I was able to uninstall the TutuApp directly from the Google play store when I saw a red alert that the app might contain malicious code.

Swipe down the notification tray and click on your phone internet connection or connect to a wireless

Launch the Google play store app on your phone

You will see a red alert that TutuApp might harm your phone “Uninstall”

Click on the “Uninstall”


This procedure removes all suspicious apps and its caches from your phone to make sure your phone doesn’t get infected with a malicious code or being attacked by a hacker. These are how to uninstall TutuApp from your Android phone.

How to Uninstall TutuApp on iOS

For an iOS user who is ready to put an end to using the TutuApp on its iPhone or iPad or iPod here is how to remove the TutuApp from your completely.

Go to your iOS Settings

Click on the General

Tap on the Profile

Locate the Profile for TuTuApp.

Tap on the profile.

Tap on Delete Profile

There other approaches to uninstall TutuApp on iOS such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod 6G Torch. However, this is the simplest and easy to go when it comes to removing apps from an iOS device.

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