TutuApp v3.1.2 Update

TutuApp v3.1.2 is available for a download to enjoy more features on the apps store for Android, iOS, PC, and Windows devices. TutuApp is an app store alternative to devices OS apps stores.

If you want to download a third-party app without rooting your Android phone and jailbreaking your iOS devices, download TutuApp and install the app on your device.

TutuApp is similar to vShare to download third-party apps on iOS and vShare APK for Android phones to download and install apps that are not available in the Google play store.

To Update TutuApp, you can download new TutuApp APK, remove the old version and then install the newer version. Also, there is an easy way to download TutuApp v3.1.2 without removing the older version.

TutuApp v3.1.2

TutuApp v3.1.2 Features

If you have used the older TutuApp versions you’d not want to miss TutuApp v3.1.2. The new update helps to fix bugs in the previous TutuApp versions and brings in more features to all Android users.

  • You can download unlimited apps upgrading to TutuApp v3.1.2
  • Improving user experience
  • All hacked games updated
  • There is no compulsory registration
  • Unable to verify app error message fixed for iOS users

How to Upgrade to TutuApp v3.1.12

There are a few ways to upgrade to the latest TutuApp v3.1.2 and the easiest way is to upgrade the app from within the app settings. You can also go to download TutuApp from TutuApp download sources, and you can also update the app directly from the app settings.

  • Launch TutuApp from your apps menu
  • There you’ll see a popup update notification or go to user-icon in the personal center section
  • Tap on the update icon and wait for a couple seconds to check for update
  • Tap on the upgrade immediately
  • The TutuApp will begin upgrading
  • Tap on the install to the bottom of the app

Note that during this time you may not be able to perform other actions such as download apps, resuming download, search for apps, pause and continue downloading.

The new TutuAp v3.1.2 is a must download for all users to keep up with the app new user experience feature.

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