How to Fix TutuApp not Downloading

Late last week I started having issues with TutuApp as the app stopped working and I couldn’t download apps from the app. This could be because TutuApp server is down or the app is crashed. Having spent minutes checking how to fix the TutuApp not downloading issue I was able to resolve to a working means to fix TutuApp error or not download apps.

TutuApp has huge apps, games, and a¬†utility database. A regular user only has little to worry about because the TutuApp is free for life. While as VIP user, who can request for apps if they are not available for download in the app, games and get hands-on premium apps and games using TutuApp VIP, it will be heartbreaking having issues with TutuApp not downloading when the server isn’t down or the app is crashed.

Having said all these, here are my discovered solutions to fix TutuApp not working on Android and iOS devices, I have also discovered how to fix TutuApp not downloading. While I will center and share an enact information on how I fix it, you too should consider adding your own quota.

TutuApp not downloading

How to Fix TutuApp Not Downloading?

Here are some known ways to fix the TutuApp not downloading or TutuApp not working.

Clear TutuApp Caches

If you don’t know what caches are all about, check out what Wiki Page has to say about Caches or search for mobile and app caches.

When you start experience TutuApp server down or not working and the app is working fine on other devices then check to see whether your phone has accumulated much of caches.

To clear TutuApp caches go to your phone settings >> apps or apps manager or applications or application manager >> Tap on TutuApp icon >> Tap on clear caches and restart your device.

This is an effective means to settle scores with TutuApp when the app is malfunctioning.

Update to the Latest Version

The probability that TutuApp will stop working due to an older version is possible and that is fixable. It’s possible that the newer version fixes all bugs including what is causing it from running smoothly.

However, what is to do next to make sure the app is working fine and run smoothly is to upgrade the app to the latest version.

Launch TutuApp and tap on your icon to the top right. Scroll down the interface and tap on “Check Update”. If there is an update available you will be asked to update to the latest version and if you are running the latest version you will notice that in the popup notification.

Reset Your Network Settings

This was another approach I tried when I was having issues with TutuApp. When the app was running slow and showing “unable to download”, I had to do a network resetting.

When you are faced with this challenges and the only option you have left is to delete TutuApp, think about resetting your phone network settings it could be the reason why the app is misbehaving.

Check Whether TutuApp Server is Down

Due to heavy usage, TutuApp could be down and this could start showing TutuApp not working when you try to download an app during this time. Therefore, when you are faced with this, you are employed to wait for a couple of minutes to see if you can try it again.

If it’s because the server’s down that made TutuApp responded not working, then, once the server is up and running the app will start working fine again and you can start to download apps as usual with the app.

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