Tutuapp iOS 11: Download Tutuapp on iPhone without Jailbreak

iPhone users that upgraded to iOS 11 has a difficulty of how to sideload the Tutuapp on their iOS 11 most especially those that upgraded from iOS 11 to iOS 11.3 and now to iOS 12. If you are one of the victims who find it difficult to install Tutuapp iOS 11 without a Jailbreak here is an article for you to start using Tutuapp on your iPhone, iPad, and iPad 6G Touch running iOS 11.

iOS 11 is currently the best and latest iOS version which has some series like 11.2 and 11.3. Although some have started using iOS 12 with a quality security measure that makes it difficult to install third-party apps like Tutuapp without a jailbreak.

The new security measure of iOS 11 as upgraded from iOS 11 makes it difficult to sideload Tutuapp on iOS 11 without jailbreaking the iOS device. As a result of this and as a response to so many complain about how to download Tutuapp for iOS 11 we have compiled this article for you so that you can start using Tutuapp on your iDevices again.

Tutuapp iOS 11

Tutuapp iOS 11

First, you need to know that you can’t find Tutuapp iOS 11 in the Apple apps store. Since it’s a third-party app you can only download the Tutuapp iOS 11 from a third-party site or download from the official Tutuapp source.

Therefore, to download Tutuapp iOS 11 follow these procedures.

  • Launch Safari browser on your iDevice (iPhone or iPad) with no jailbreak access
  • Type in the search bar “tutuapp.vip” and tap the go or proceed button to load the official download page
  • There you will see Tutuapp for Android and Tutuapp for iPhone option
  • Now, tap to scan the Tutuapp for iOS option or download now
  • Tutuapp will download on your iOS device with no jailbreak

Now, do not launch Tutuapp yet, you need to add the app to your device as a trusted device to avoid having an error message or crack app when you try to launch the Tutuapp.

Tutuapp iOS 11 with Emulators

Another way to download Tutuapp for iOS is using iOS emulators. If you have an emulator already installed on your device you can search through the emulator for “Tutuapp iOS 11″.

If the app is available you can simply tap the install option beside the app to install the app. However, below are the list of emulators you can download Tutuapp from on your iOS or iPhone and iPad/iPod.

  • iOSemus
  • SmartFace
  • IPadian
  • Appetize.io.
  • AIR iPhone
  • iPad Simulator
  • iPhone Simulator

Tutuapp Regular vs Tutuapp VIP

Tutuapp is divided into two. The regular, which is a free Tutuapp, for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. While the Tutuapp VIP requires $12.99/yr to run it on your device. However, for a free ride, download Tutuapp regular for free.

Tutuapp iOS 11 Not Working

If you keep having the error message, Tutuapp iOS 11 not working, then, here is how to fix the error message. The easiest way to fix the not working error not clearing the Tutuapp caches unlike on Android.

To fix this fast, follow this procedure

Just uninstall the Tutuapp iOS 11 installed on your iPhone and remove it profile completely from your iDevice. Then, download a newer version and reinstall again.

Add Tutuapp iOS 11 as a Trusted App

To add the Tutuapp you installed on your iOS 11 as a trusted device kindly follow these procedures

  • Go to your iOS 11 settings
  • Tap on the general option
  • Go to profile & device management
  • Find and tap the Tutuapp for iOS management name
  • Tap on Trusted

Now the Tutuapp will be added to the list of apps you have on your iPhone or iPad as a trusted app and you are good to go.

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