Download TutuApp for iOS [iPhone, iPad, and iPod] take a look at how to use TutuApp on Android, TutuApp iOS 11, TutuApp for Windows, and TutuApp for Mac computers. If you own an iOS 11 device and will love to download TutuApp and install it on your device you will enjoy this article.

The iOS and Android are the best OS in the market. All apps that are available for Android in the play store are also available in iOS except the ones that violate the apps stores terms and condition. However, as you upgrade from older OS to a newer version you need to upgrade apps alongside with it.

So, if you are using iOS 10 and you have upgraded your iOS 10 or iOS 9 to iOS 11, you also need to upgrade your favorite apps such as TutuApp so that it will work on the new OS. For TutuApp iOS 11 users, if you have not upgraded from TutuApp iOS 10 to TutuApp iOS 11 here is a complete procedure to download the latest TutuApp without jailbreaking your iOS 11.

With the TutuApp for iOS 11, you can simply download popular Apps like Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Twitter++, iTransmission and many others. There here you will learn the step by step procedure to sideload TutuApp on iOS 11 without jailbreaking.

TutuApp iOS 11

TutuApp iOS 11 Features

Since we have started using TutuApp on iPhone 8 here are the features will enjoy with the app. For Android users, you can check “TutuApp APK” as a guide to download and install TutuApp on your Android phone.

  • TutuApp grant an unrestricted access to search and download all available apps on iOS apps store paid section for free
  • Unlike other iOS 11 apps downloader, the TutuApp does not require any registration or email subscription.
  • TutuApp is a 100% free app for iOS and Android devices
  • It supports all iOS versions (iOS 9, iOS 10, and iOS 11)
  • TutuApp also serves as a file manager when you install it on your iPhone or iPad or iPod 6G Touch. This implies that you can have a single app acting as apps downloader on your phone and still use it as a file manager.
  • The TutuApp supports sharing with other interested users via Bluetooth, WiFi, and manage file transfer on your iOS 11 device.

Download TutuApp iOS 11

Here is a simple process to download TutuApp for iOS devices without jailbreaking

  • Launch the Safari browser on your device running iOS 11
  • Visit “TutuApp download” to download latest TutuApp for iOS version
  • Tap on the install option when it pops up
  • Tap install again and again
  • Now, the TutuApp will be added to your iOS home screen

Do not add launch TutuApp straight once the app has been successfully installed. Next, you need to add the TutuApp on your iOS as a trusted app on your device.

Add TutuApp iOS 11 as a Trusted App

Here is how to add TutuApp on your iOS device as a trusted app to avoid error message from popping up on your iDevice with TutuApp.

  • Launch iOS phone settings
  • Tap the General Settings
  • Navigate to “Profile & Device Management
  • Tap “ Trust TUTUApp” profile name
  • Tap “trust device”

Once you have added the TutuApp app as a trusted device on your device then, open TutuApp iOS 11 and start exploring the app to download both paid and free iOS apps on your iDevice.

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