TutuApp APK Download for Android, iOS, and PC

Tutuapp APK is a special APK app for Android phone users to download both free and paid apps that are not available in the Google play store because the app violates the play store apps terms and condition.

Not only that, Tutuapp Android supports and allows users to download paid apps for free for both iOS and Android devices. The APK app also supports the downloading of computer software when downloaded and installed on Windows computer and Mac computer using Windows and Mac emulators.

Here in this section at Tutuapp pro APK we’d take a look at how to download Tutuapp.APK app and install it on Android running device.

TutuApp APK

Features of Tutuapp APK app

To start with and while you need to download the Tutu app helper APK for Android running device below are the core features of the paid and free apps downloader.

  • You can download all paid and free apps for free that are not available in the Google play store
  • There is no registration required
  • The Tutu app does not require a root access
  • It supports all Android versions
  • TheTutuapp is a light app and it doesn’t occupy much space on Android running devices
  • Tutuapp is safe and it’s not a virus app

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Tutuapp APK Installation Instruction

It’s very easy to download and install Tutuapp helper on Android devices. However, since the Tutuapp is not a Google play store app, it requires to enable install from unknown sources before the installation process will begin.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Scroll down and tap on the security option
  • Find “install from unknown sources”
  • Tap the option and accept the popup to enable the toggle
  • The install from unknown sources will be enabled

Now, next is to download the Tutuapp APK on your phone or download the Tutuapp APK using a PC and transfer the APK app to your phone using USB cable or Xender or Flash share or other file transfer protocol.

Download Tutuapp APK

Tutuapp is divided into two. They are; Tutuapp VIP and the regular version. The Tutuapp VIP cost just $12.99/yr and the regular version is free to use. However, wish ever one you choose to download, here is how to download Tutuapp app and install it on your Android device.

  • Swipe down the notification tray and tap the download Tutuapp.apk app or go to your phone file manager
  • Navigate to your phone storage device [MicroSD or internal storage]
  • Go to download folder and find Tutuapp.apk
  • Tap on the installer and tap on install to the bottom right
  • Install successfully

How to Install Tutuapp APK with APK Downloader

Another way to install Tutuapp APK is using APK installer to sideload the APK app from Windows or Mac computer into your Android running or iOS device with the use of Tutuapp IPA for iOS.

We are concerned on how to install Tutuapp APK on Android running device with the help of APK installer in this article.

  • Launch the APK installer on your computer and connect your Android device to your computer. You need to install APK installer for Android devices on your phone
  • Search for Tutuapp APK within the APK installer
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable
  • Once your computer detects your phone and shows the phone model connected
  • Tap on the install option
  • Accept the popup on your computer and wait for the installation process to complete

This is another fast means to install Tutuapp APK on a smartphone without downloading the APK app itself on your phone. This procedure is another way to have the popular apps downloader installed on your Android without downloading it.

TutuApp APK Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Here we provide answers to all related questions on TutuApp APK. Feel free to ask what you don’t understand about the APK Downloader.

Q. Is the TutuApp Safe?

A. TutuApp is safe to download and use on Android and iOS devices. However, for the fact that the TutuApp isn’t a play store app you may be forced to remove or uninstall it from your phone as a result of Google privacy check notification.

Q. How to Turn on TutuApp on iPhone

A. Just tap the TutuApp on your iPhone once you have added the app as a trusted app on your device and the app will open

Q. How to trust TutuApp on iPhone

A. Go to your iPhone settings >> general >> profile & management >> find app name >> Tap on it >> Trust >> confirm.

Q. How to Uninstall TutuApp

A. They are various ways to uninstall apps on smartphones. It all depends on your choice and the approach you find out to be the best. However, follow this guide to uninstall TutuApp.

Q. How to get rid of TutuApp completely?

A. Just uninstall the app from your Android phone, restart the phone to clear the TutuApp remains and you are good.


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