How to Upgrade to Tutu App VIP from Regular

TutuApp has two users, tutu app vip and tutu app free/regular. TutuApp regular is a normal TutuApp user who can use the app free for life while the tutu app vip is an upgraded user who can request for a revoked app on TutuApp and request for an app not available in the store.

There are a lot of benefits to upgrading to tutu vip. When you are a vip user, you are a paid tutu subscriber. It’s quite different from the regular user without tutu vip right.

With your TutuApp vip account, you can request for an app older version if the newer version is behaving funning.

Never get too worried, we will discuss how to get the appvip for a token. You don’t have to register at You can upgrade your TutuApp free account to

Tutu VIP vs Tutu App Regular

Tutu App VIP and tu tu App Regular are both apps store to search for paid apps, apps that are not available in the OS apps store and download them for free.

However, all tutu app regular users have limitation compared to tutu VIP users. Please, when you are searching for Tutu vip, don’t search for tuutuuapp vip.

Tuutuuapp vip is a wrong search for the tutuapp. What you should aim at is tutu app vip or TutuApp vip.

As Tutu App VIP user you’d enjoy some benefits which a regular user, that is, someone that is using the app without paying the yearly fee.

Note that whether you are using the regular TutuApp or the VIP TutuApp you will still be able to download popular TutuApp games, apps, and utilities such as Pokemon Go, Minecraft, Twitter++, SnapChat++ etc.

How to become Tutu App VIP

TutuApp is a free app to search and download free and paid apps. However, this is not the same for the app VIP. The Tutu vip cos just $12.99 a year and this is not refundable.

With Tutu vip, you will be able to download Minecraft, Pokemon Go, and other popular apps.

Go down to learn how to tutu app vip member with your login.

TuTu App VIP

TutuApp VIP Features

Do not be dismay about the TutuApp VIP features over the regular TutuApp for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac computers. The features will tell you whether the app worth upgrading to the VIP version or you should stick to the regular version.

  • The TutuApp VIP version stay active for as long as your subscription is valid
  • You can download unlimited games, apps, and utilities that are restricted under regular version
  • As a TutuApp VIP user, you can request for a specific app or game or other utilities if not available in the download section which a regular user doesn’t have the privilege.
  • Tutu App VIP cost $12.99/yr while the regular TutuApp is 100% free
  • Whether you remove or uninstall TutuApp VIP, all downloaded and saved apps games, and utilities will still remain active why a regular user may not enjoy this privilege.

Upgrade to Tutu App VIP

To become a VIP member is very simple. The only thing you need first to do is to download and install TutuApp on your Android if you are an Android user or download and install the TutuApp iOS 11 on your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod 6G Touch.

Next… Follow these procedures

  • Launch the Safari browser on your iOS device and any browser on Android, PC, and Mac devices and visit
  • Log into your TutuApp profile account and your UID number
  • Now, tap become a VIP and enter your TutuApp UID and confirm the UID again
  • Then tap become a VIP
  • Make a payment of $12.99 and you TutuApp account will be upgraded to a VIP

Now, you can start enjoying the unlimited benefits of a VIP user over a regular user. Now, you can remove any app at any time to reinstall later without search TutuApp database again.

Have you used the Tutu App VIP before? Or are you planning to join the league anytime soon or you’d prefer to stick to the regular version?

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