Showbox APK Alternatives to Watch Movies

Showbox APK is a free movies app for Android and iOS device. Download Showbox app to watch and download free movies on smartphone. In this article, you will get to know why Showbox is not working, Showbox alternatives.

Showbox APK free movies app hit a deadlock. Got pulled down from the internet due to copyright. A lot of users weren’t happy with the Showboxshut down without a better replacement. If you have been with the Showbox APK app for a very long time, and the app suddenly stopped working, then, it’s probably going to be a shock.

Showbox APK could be shut down for so many reasons. Similarly, Showbox alternative such as MovieBox and PopcronTime were brought to book for sharing illegal content.

For days, Showbox developer kept mute and refused to say anything concerning the popular free movies app sudden shut down. There twitter handle representatives weren’t responding fast on the app shut down.

However, after a couple days, the Showbox app resurface again and warned users that their ISP could be traced and tracked down for streaming contents illegally.

It’s a really a deadlock seeing Showbox APK gone like a flash. A mere mirage. This post is actually going to oversee the affair of the showbox APK and why you shouldn’t use it.

Showbox is Shut Down

If you are still using the old version of Showbox on Android or for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, you would probably be able to access Showbox movies.

But are you safe? Is it secure using Showbox app to stream movies now after the entire ISP and movies producers are eyeing the movies app and are ready to track users down?

Let take a look at it.

Showbox APK is not Safe Again

The app is totally free and you could face a legal action using it. The developer didn’t intend to make money from the app thereby developing the app to watch movies for free on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

However, the app has faced a banned and was removed from most websites promoting the website including APK website and even Uptodown download link has been revoked.

You can only have access to the app if you have not updated the older version. The version v5.23 and v5.24 has nothing new in it. The app doesn’t has new movies updated to the database.

So, when the movie is no longer updating its database, why would you stand to face a legal action for using the app.

Hope you know Showbox app is an illegal app? As such, all its contents are illegal.

And this is how you can be traced and tracked down for using the free movies app to watch and download movies.

This is how you could be traced for using the Showbox app…

To access the internet you need an IP address assigned to you from your ISP provider. This IP address serves as you online home address. The IP address ranges from a mere 6 digits to 16 digits. This IP address can be used to track you to your location.

It doesn’t worth it risking your personality for using a free app that can cost you your life savings.

Now that Showbox is illegal and unsafe to use. What other app can be useful to search and download movies for free online.

Showbox APK Alternatives for Android and iOS

There are some other Showbox alternatives you can use that are free. But they are illegal. Therefore, using it as well could earn you a jail term. Therefore, we’d not recommend MovieBox, Popcorn Time, PlayBox HD, CinemaBox, Cartoon HD, and many more free movies app for smartphone and a PC.

Note: These apps will only cost you some cent compared to these free apps that can easily ruin your reputation.

1. Netflix

Showbox Apk Netflix

Netflix is a media service provider and a TV service based on demand. It cost a little to subscribe for Netflix service though but it really worth it. While you will have access to the entire Netflix movies on Showbox for free and without even a subscription, you can earn a jail term for using the app.

With $10 you can have unlimited access to Netflix movies. You can use a single Netflix account on a close to 5 devices. Therefore, for a family that love to stream movies online, Netflix basic plan is good to start with.

You can use Netflix on Android, iOS, Windows computer, Mac, Firestick, Smart TV, Samsung TV, Hisense, and other Smart TVs installing Netflix ad-on. You can also watch Netflix movies on PC using browsers extension.

2. Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime is for United based only to stream movies online and it support various devices via the interface.

However, you would want to say that Showbox APK works in all country and how can use bypass the US restriction. It’s is very simple. Get a VPN connect to the US IP, sign up for a free trial on Showtime anytime to test run the service if it really worth it.

Do not forget that Netflix also have a 30 days free trial. Neither Netflix nor Showtime anytime doesn’t require a commitment, therefore, you can opt out anytime.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Showbox

Amazon prime video is an internet video on demand service alternative to Showbox and Netflix. Amazon prime is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc that offers TV shows, films, episodes, full country movies and videos, and many more.

The Amazon prime was developed to compete with Netflix and Hulu and to also kill Showbox free app. The internet video on demand service offers full access to full movies, episodes, Hollywwod and Bollywood movies for free with a basic subscription.

However, Amazon prime requires a subscription to work and it doesn’t cost a fortune compared to Showbox app that can attract legal fine and cost all your life savings.

4. Hulu

Showbox download

Hulu is one of the American internet videos on demand service with a high profile that serves millions of America a cable free access to latest and old movies in the entertaining industry including live shows and TV series.

Netflix and Hulu are a good contender and you may want to check it out as an alternative to Showbox APK app to download.

However, instead of you to download Showbox and risk a jail term, you can spend some dollars on these mentions and be free from your IP address been tracked and be prosecuted.

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