Comprehensive Scala Hosting Review: What makes them standout?

Scala Hosting Review 5

I have done reviews on popular hosting sites such as Hostinger, Bluehost, Hostgator, and HostPapa, and looking at them in comparison, Scala hosting isn’t the most affordable among the pack.

Also, it’s not as popular as its other counterparts. However, there are a few things that make Scala Hosting a worthy competitor when compared to other popular hosting services.

If you require a small website that will be getting a high volume of traffic on a daily basis, or if you require a website such as an e-commerce website that you might eventually end up scaling in no time, Scala hosting is one of the best options you can go with.

Why is that?

Scala Hosting prides itself on its VPS private server and its cloud hosting packages, these packages are not the cheapest, but they come with one of the best deals according to the industry standards.

Also, hosting a website on the cloud has more benefits compared to the popular shared hosting you are used to, since you can easily scale such a website without having to migrate from one hosting provider to another.

But, that isn’t the only reason Scala Hosting review seems to stand out. It also has a pretty impressive customer support, uptime, loading time, and user experience.

Altogether Scala is a viable option for you. But how good are they, and what benefit can you really get from subscribing to Scala Web Hosting?

About Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting was created in 2007 by Hristo Rusev, Vladislav Georgiev, and Lyubomir Lyubenov. It is based in Dallas, Texas (USA), and has over 700,000 websites hosted on its network.

Its goal is to make VPS hosting available to everyone, thereby giving everyone the ability to choose their own cloud servers and configure them as they wish.

Coupled with that, Scala Hosting also provides its own security technologies with the hosting plan, and its team of professionals handles all technical aspects, such as software updates, security, and maintenance.

With all this you won’t have issues worrying about your website visitors, but that isn’t all, you can also rely on scala hosting security features, However, some users have complained about its price, while others feel it is worth it. Is it really?

Let’s figure that out by carrying out a scald hosting review on each of its functionalities if its features, coupled with its performance and how it compared with its price it is offering.

Scala Hosting Review

Scala Hosting Review 5

When searching for a hosting provider, it’s important to consider the scalability, reliability, and cost of the service.

When it comes to Scala’s hosting service, they offer service packages that are tailored to different levels of usage.

Some offer basic packages that include basic features like web hosting and email hosting, while others offer more advanced packages with advanced features like database hosting, application hosting, and cloud hosting.

The scalability of the hosting provider is an important factor to consider since you want to make sure that the hosting provider can handle the scale of your application and the amount of traffic it needs to support.

Coupled with that, it’s also important to determine the reliability of the hosting provider, as you don’t want your application to go down due to server downtime or other technical issues.

But then all these are not free, and you would want a good bargain, so cost is also an important factor when choosing a hosting provider.

Since you are here to figure all this out, let’s see what the Scala hosting service is all about.

Scala Hosting: Uptime Performance

Scala Hosting Review 5

Scala Web hosting provides services for both shared hosting and virtual private servers (VPS). Their shared hosting plans are great for small to medium-sized websites, while their VPS plans are ideal for websites that need more resources. The uptime rate offered by Scala Hosting is one of the best in the industry, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

However, Scala might is not cheapest among other web hosting providers, but it comes with some rock-solid features that make it stand out.

One of these features is reliable uptime.

Scala’s uptime is among the best you can get anywhere, as it also comes with a 99.9% guarantee. However, if the uptime drops significant over a month, you can contact customer service to receive a percentage of your monthly subscription fee.

Scala Hosting Review: Loading time

The speed of a website is determined by different factors, most notably the load speed of the Web hosting provider.

Scale hosting has data centres in the US and in the European region, so it makes sense if the load time is quite short in those regions. But how short are they?

Based on a repost from a Scala-hosted website, the load time of a website from New York is 992.39 ms; however, after using optimized images and optimizing other aspects of the website with LiteSpeed cache, the speed dropped to 655.41 ms.

Overall, load time is quite exceptional, as very few web hosting providers clock speeds below 700 ms.

Scala Hosting Review: Storage and Bandwidth

Scala hosting might not offer unlimited storage, however, there are a few things you should watch out for. First of all, Scala web hosting comes with three hosting plans, which are the shared hosting plan, the VPS hosting plan, the cloud hosting plan, and the reseller plan.

The shred hosting plan, designed for small businesses with low traffic, includes up to 100GB of SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth, whereas the VPS, cloud, and reseller plans include 200GB, 350GB, and 50GB of SSD storage, respectively.

Scala Hosting Review: Security

Most web hosting providers offer free SSL certificates, which is also expected of Scala. They offer a free SSL certificate for all websites.

Coupled with that, you also get other security features such as 2-factor authentication, spam detection, Claim AV, CSF Firewall, and Mod Security. However, it also comes with SShield, which is a free automated security system that monitors the website for malicious attacks and other threats.

The Scala Hosting’s SShield security offers 24/7 monitoring and boasts a 99.998% success rate in blocking attackers; however, it isn’t available with every plan.

SShield is only included with the Start and Advanced shared hosting plans and the managed VPS.

Scala Hosting Provider Review: User Experience

Scala Hosting Review 5

The user experience of Scala Web Hosting is on par when compared with other web hosting providers.

First, the dashboard user interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly. It also comes with some guides to put you through when you are having any issues and some tools for configuring your websites quickly, such as the

  • DNS editor
  • Site publisher
  • Domain manager
  • Webmail access

Coupled with all that, Scala Web Hosting offers a one-click installer that can be used to deploy over 250+ apps, and you also get support for over 25 languages.

Scala Hosting Review: Customer Support

Not all web hosting providers have responsive and knowledgeable customer support, even though most of them claim to have one. However, it is not an uncommon occurrence, as a few web hosting companies respond to users quickly and efficiently.

The same also applies to Scala hosting.

They offer customer support in two ways: either via their live chat support or via email, which is for technical support issues.

However, based on the reports of a few Scala hosting users, the live chat support appears to be the best, as they literally respond to your query in less than a minute.

Coupled with all that, a quick check on Trustpilot tells a lot about how its users feel about customer support because hosting a website isn’t completely a newbie thing and one can get stuck along the way.

Scala Hosting Pros and Cons

With all the reviews written about Scala above, one thing you will notice is that Scala tends to work perfectly for website users who want a small website but are also looking to scale it or are expecting quite a few customers on their small website.

This alone makes Scala put more focus on making their advanced VPS plan much more attractive compared to their basic plan.

But then, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and Scala seems to be focusing more on the former.

Having said all that, here are the pros of Scala web hosting provider.

  • It includes solid-state drives, which increase the reliability and speed of the website.
  • The customer support is exceptional.
  • Scala Hosting performs daily automatic backups on your website to keep it safe and secure.
  • Since they have focused more on their strengths, their VPS hosting package is one of the best in the industry.

Scala Hosting Cons

  • It comes with some security limitations if you are subscribing to an entry-level hosting plan.
  • There are no website builder tools with this hosting plan.


Having gone through this article on Scala hosting review, you should be well informed on which hosting service is well tailored for your website needs before subscribing into it.


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