Photmath App “Camera-Calculator” Download for Android & iOS

What is Photomath app? How do you solve problems using Photomath app using a phone camera? Which type of mathematical problems can you solve using the Photomath app on Android and iOS?

What is Photomath App?

Photomath app is an app design to solve all sorts of mathematical problems using a phone camera. The camera calculator app solves all forms of a mathematical equation.

The app solves mathematics providing a step-by-step procedure on how the app arrives at the solution gotten. The app hides some vital step while displaying the result.

For an explicit and detailed procedure, a toggle key at the upper right unhides the solution when tapped and return to a hidden section when toggled again.

How Do you Solve Mathematical Problems

They are two ways to solve maths problem using the camera-calculator app on Android and iOS. The first, type the mathematical equation using the app calculator and tap on the go arrow key to solve the equation step-by-step.

Secondly, the approach requires the use of a phone camera, either on the Android or iOS. However, to use this app, you must grant the app the permission to use your phone camera.

Once the mathematical problem is captured the app will process it and display a detailed solution to the problem.

How to use Photomath

Here we gonna discuss how to solve different math problems using the photo math app on Android and on iOS. The list of possible problems that can be solved using the camera calculator app.

How to Solve Calculus Using Photo Math App

Here, you will learn how to type calculus in the photo math app and solve it. After sharing the procedures with you, you can emulator the same procedure, type you own calculus equation and tap on the calculate button to show a detailed result.

A calculus equation is also a differential equation having two or more variables [X, Y], dependent and independent variables. Where “Y” could be dependent and “X” independent. The dependents variables could be any alphabet, but, X & Y are the most popularly used in a maths class.

So, here, we’ll make use of the [X, Y] variable choosing one as a dependent variable and the other independent variable.

Take a look at the calculus example below… We are gonna find the derivative of the problem. You can also solve an integral equation using the Photomath in like some.

Photomath app

Now to solve the above function differentially, it depends on the numbers of derivative you want to go. The first derivative means you find the dy/dx of the function one time.

To now use Photomath app to solve it, launch the app, allow the app to access your phone by granting the app the permission, the app will scan it just like the cam scanner app and the app will solve it.

If you don’t want to use the above technique, you can type the differential equation into the app in the space provided and click on the calculate button to solve the problem.

The app also plots mathematical graphic with the problem’s solution as a piece of additional information you may need. The app chooses a scale itself, plot and X- Y graph.

Photomath app graph

What Other Equations Can I Solve With Photomath?

This photo math app can literally solve other mathematical problems apart from calculus. Some other mathematical problems you can solve using this camera calculator app include simultaneous linear equations, matrices, trigonometry, etc.

Download Photo Math App

For Android users head to the Google play store and search for the camera calculator app called Photomath and install it on your phone. For iOS users, head to the Apple apps store and search, type “Photomath” without quotes and hit the download button.

In case you are asked to log into your iTunes account just do that to download the app.

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