Javon Walton Age, Twin, Siblings, and Wiki

Without using an age calculator, Javon Walton’s age as of 2022 is 15. Javon was born on the 22nd of July 2006. Javon is a child actor and boxer known for this remarkable role as Ashtray in the HBO series, Euphoria. Javon started his acting career in 2019 in HBO television series before landing a role in the Amazon Prime Video streaming series titled Utopia in 2022 where he cast the role of Grant Bishop.

Following his outburst in Utopia, Walton featured in another animated comedy horror film titled “Addams Family 2” in 2021 where he played the role of Pugsley Addams. He also landed a new role in Samaritan where he starred as Sam Cleary and also a superhero in the TV series, “The Umbrella Academy.”

Javon Walton Career

Javon started as a child boxer at the age of 4. He’s a 5 times champion of Georgia State and holds a four-time USA Boxing South East Regional champion’s record. The professional boxer is preparing for Boxing and Gymnastics in the upcoming 2024 Olympics.

Javon Walton Full Name

He is popularly and famous known as Javon Walton as a professional boxer and an actor. The son of DJ Walton and Jessica Walton’s full name is Javon Wanna Walton.

Javon Walton Age

Walton’s age is 15 in June 2022. Walton was born on the 22nd of July 2006. His parents are DJ Walton and Jessica Walton respectively. Javon as to siblings, Jaden and Daelo Walton, 15 and 8 years old respectively.

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How old is Javon and Jaden Walton?

Javon is born twins so he shared the same age, date of birth, and birthday date with his twin brother, Jaden Walton. Javon and Jaden Walton were born on the 22nd of June 2006. Therefore, Javon Walton’s age and Jaden Walton’s age are 15. The tin brother recently celebrated their 15th birthday.Javon Walton Age

Is Javon Walton a twin?

Yes! Javon Walton was born twins. He has a twin brother who is a TikToker. Meanwhile, Jaden is famously known as the twin brother o the Euphoria star, Javon.

How old are the Walton Twins Euphoria?

Walton twins are 15 years old in 2022. Javon’s age is 15 and his twin brother, Jaden is 15. They were born in 2006 and both guys have started doing well for themselves even at a very young age.

How old is Ashtray in Euphoria?

Javon took the Ashtray role at a very young age. However, his performance was stunning the world couldn’t deny. Euphoria’s first season took place in 2018 while the drama season 2 took place in 2019. At that time, Javon Walton’s age was 13 and 14 respectively when the two seasons were shot.

How old is Javon Walton

How old is Javon Walton? Javon Walton’s age is 15 years in 2022. The Euphoria Ashtray was born in 2006 on the 22nd of June. And he was born twins. He has a twin brother, Jaden Walton who is famous as his sibling and a TikTok celebrity.

How old is Javon from Euphoria?

Javon’s age when Euphoria season one was filmed was 13 and when the second season was shot, he was 14. Therefore, Javon Walton’s age during the first and second season of the Euphoria was 13 and 14 respectively.

Jaden Walton Age

Jaden Walton shares the same age as his twin brother, Javon. Born on the 22nd of June 2006. The popular TikToker is 15 years old in 2022.

Javon Walton’s Age and Height

Javon still maintains an average height of 5.2ft which is equivalent to 1.57m. However, he could maintain a similar height measurement as his father.

Javon Walton Family

Javon Walton’s family comprises 3 siblings and his parents. He has a twin brother, Jaden Walton, a brother, Daelo Walton and a sister, Jayla Walton. Javon’s parents are DJ Walton and Jessica Walton. His father, DJ Walton is a boxer and a founder of an athletic company called Onward Athletics. His mother, Jessica Walton is an author and boxing trainer.

Javon Walton Sister

Javon Walton has a sister, Jayla Walton. She is an actress and a member of the Walton family. She’s an actress and starred in a movie titled 1-800-Hot-Nite in 2022 where she played the role of Kelly.

Javon Walton Siblings

Javon Walton’s siblings are Jaden, Daelo, and Jayla. He has 3 siblings and one of them is a girl who is also an actress.

Where does Javon Walton live

Javon loves his family and loved to be around them at all times. However, Javon lives with his family in Atlanta, GA where he trains for the upcoming Olympics in 2024.

Javon Walton Twin

Jaden Walton is Javon Walton’s twin brother. He is a famous TikTok and a member of the Walton family. 

NameJavon Walton
Full NameJavon “Wanna” Walton
TwinJaden Walton
SisterJayla Walton
SiblingsJaden, Daelo, and Jayla Walton
FatherDJ Walton
MotherJessica Walton
LivesAtlanta GA
Date of birth22nd of June 2006
Euphoria castAshtray
ProfessionActor Boxer
Net Worth$1 Million

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