Is TutuApp Safe?

Is TutuApp safe? This is an open question if you are using TutuApp for Android and on your iOS. However, here is my own quota on the TutuApp safety usage based on my personal experience.

There is a lot of controversial questions about TutuApp whether the app is safe or not. A lot of users have downloaded TutuApp knowing fully that TutuApp is safe. However, for those that are about to join the community to start downloading paid, cracked, and hacked games and apps for free would want to know whether the third-party apps store is safe and secure.

This article is dedicated to answering that question in a moment and will explain in detail how TutuApp gets it apps and how users benefit from it without bothering themselves to pay for apps or games that want to download.

Is TutuApp Safe?

Is TutuApp Safe?

Yes! TutuApp is 100% safe but the apps you downloaded from the app may not be safe and may contain a virus or malicious code to steal information on your phone after you have installed them.

TutuApp is similar to the Google play store for Android users to search and download apps. This apps store is regarded as a trusted download source according to Google OS. With this, you do not need to enable install from unknown sources which means that the app or game is certified by Google itself and no sign of a malicious code is detected.

Also, for iOS users, when you download apps from a third-party you be required to add the app or game as a trusted app otherwise you will not be able to stop the app from popping up an error message that the app or game couldn’t be run successfully on your device.

However, in the case of TutuApp, you will have to manually add the app to a trusted list on your iPhone and enable unknown sources on your Android to be able to install and use the app.

While these apps or games, even the hacked games, and apps could contain malicious code, TutuApp doesn’t know anything about it.

How TutuApp Gets its Contents

The developers are TutuApp ain’t responsible for all apps and games, both paid and free that available in the app database. Games like Pokemon Go, dream soccer 2018, Minecraft are professional games developed by able bodies and groups. However, these games are available on TutuApp app.

Which implies that TutuApp developers don’t develop this app themselves, rather, they acted as a database for all games, apps, and utilities that are available on the internet, be it the Google play store or Apple apps store or the APK site and scrap them making them available.

Therefore, TutuApp gets its contents from other sources that they are and may not have the right to do so. This could contribute to the more reason why TutuApp isn’t safe.

However, the TutuApp itself is safe and it doesn’t contain a harmful code and the app do not steal users information via the app permission.

Other apps requested for a permission to access phone call logs, messages, storages, and other sensitive information on your phone and request for an admin permission before installing. However, TutuApp isn’t part of this app and the app only request a storage access in case you’d love to download apps, games, and utilities using the APK app store.

Why Google Play Store or Apple Store Kicked out TutuApp?

You may want to ask why TutuApp isn’t available in the Google play store or Apple apps store. It’s because TutuApp isn’t a legal app and they do not have the right to share most contents they do share. This is strictly against uploading apps or games into the popular mobile apps store.

So, rather than downloading TutuApp from Apple apps store for the iOS users, the app has to be sideloaded using an IPA or an iOS emulator.

What do you have to say about the TutuApp? Is TutuApp safe? What is your own conclusion? Please leave a comment below regards what you feel about TutuApp.

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