How to Verify TutuApp

Let us discuss how to verify TutuApp on iOS so that the app will work fine and be able to download iOS apps without jailbreaking. We’ll detail each of the steps you need to take to verify Tutu App iOS app.

TutuApp verify is a verification process to make TutuApp work on iOS since the app is not an iPhone, iPad, and iPod official app. This verification does not require jailbreaking.

The Tutu App verification process involves entering the 6 digits number TutuApp sent to your phone for TutuApp verify and to validate your mobile number and gain access into the app.

You won’t be able to use TutuApp if TutuApp not verified on your iPhone or iPad. The error message you encounter when you want to download apps that says TutuApp unable to verify apps will be gone.

This verification is peculiar to iOS and Android devices. Firstly, you were told to add TutuApp as a trusted app on Android as well as on iOS before use.

There is no need to add TutuApp app as a trusted app on PC or Mac computers.

However, before adding it as a trusted app you need to verify the app which stands as registration for users.

Verify TutuApp

Verify TutuApp not Working

This is different from TutuApp not working or TutuApp not downloading after successful installation. However, to successfully verified TutuApp, you need to enter the 6 digits number sent to the mobile number you entered while installing TutuApp,

However, if the verification process is returning an invalid error message it means that the 6 digit is no longer valid. this implies that you will need to request a new validation number.

Once s new set of numbers are forward to your mobile number again, re-enter the digits number into your TutuApp verification page and wait for code validation. Once the code is validated your TutuApp will be verified.

Why Can’t I Verify Tutu App

The way Tutu App works is to replace apps stores that don’t allow users to download third-party apps. However, to successfully use the app with hiccups, users need to entrust the app in their phone developer’s mode.

However, when TutuApp app stopped working on iOS 11 and other iOS versions and on Android OS, the app may need an upgrade for Android, and for iOS users, it could be because the patcher has expired.

This is why TutuApp developer license expires on iOS…

The problem usually occurs with Cydia Patcher. If you use Cydia Patcher to grant TutuApp license, you will have to repeat the process again after two weeks after which the trusted access will be revoked.

So, to fix this invalid verification, re-run the Cydia Patcher again to grant the license again. However, this process should be repeated every two weeks to avoid invalid verification.

To verify TutuApp once the verification as expired due to the use of Cydia Patcher, re-run the Cydia again and the app will be valid for a minimum of another two weeks.

How to Untrusted Enterprise Developer iOS 11

If TutuApp verification process is untrusted because of the tool used and you will want to remove the trusted access completely on iOS 11 and iOS 10, here is what to do.

  1. Go to Settings >> General >> Profile
  2. On this page contains several enterprise apps you have added in the past both new and old
  3. Now, select the app by tapping on it that your iOS doesn’t allow you to open
  4. Tap on the Trust button and tap on the trust button again to confirm

Now, go back to the app again and try to open it you will see that your phone will grant you the access.

Unable to Verify TutuApp?

If you are battling with the inability to verify TutuApp, try this approach if it’s going to help resolve the fast-rising issue with TutuApp.

Remove TutuApp and re-sideload it again on your iPhone. This worked fine. Note that, if you are using TutuApp VIP, this won’t affect your TutuApp subscription.

You have to verify TutuApp on all devices to start using it and add as an app you trusted on iOS.

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