How to Install WordPress on cPanel

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders that is 100% open source. You can operate on for free without paying a dime. You can also upgrade to when you are ready to. However, there is no limitation to how much you can do with self-hosted WordPress with the cPanel feature. So, instead of operating on a free WordPress, you will be given access to control it from the backend once you install the WordPress on your cPanel. Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss how to install WordPress on cPanel.

Meanwhile, there are two ways to install WordPress on cPanel.

  • Install WordPress on the root domain (your primary domain name)
  • Install WordPress on sub-domain or addon-domain.

We will consider both methods in this article. So, keep your fret and sit tight to learn how to install WordPress on the root domain and sub-domain.

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Meanwhile, before you can install a WordPress on cPanel you need to have a host and a domain name. So, I will walk you through the entire process to get your domain name, hosting service, and how you install your WordPress in just three steps.

How to Get your Domain Name

If you have already gotten a domain name and added into to your hosting service kindly skip this step and go straight to the steps to take to install your WordPress site. But, if you are new, ensure to follow the steps here to get your domain name, and hosting account, and also install the WordPress script.

  • Go to Interserve domain registrant.
  •  You will see information such as:
    • Web hosting
    • Cloud VPS
    • Storage
    • Server
    • Tips
    • About
  • Click on Web >> Hosting >> Domain.
  • Type your “Domain Name” and click on the search button to let the server check for availability.
  • If your “Domain Name” is available you will be able to order it. However, since you will also need web hosting to create a professional WordPress blog, choose “Order Domain +Web Hosting.” Order domain+Web hosting
  • A new tab will open. On the new tab choose “register a new domain.” But if you already have a domain, choose “I already have a domain.” When you chose “I already have a domain” type the “domain name” and ensure that the domain has been registered. Once all are set click on the “Continue” button.Buy domain and web hosting
  • Click on “Register New,” type your “Email” and “Password” and click on “Create Account and Continue.Register a new account
  • Fill in the order information and click on the “Continue” button to the bottom right.
  • You will be redirected to the order page once the information has been confirmed.Interserver Billing
    • Scroll to the billing interval and choose the duration. The higher the billing interval the higher the discount.
    • Enter “coupon” if there is any.
    • Select whether to use “Who/is” to protect your privacy or not. This cost extra charges per year. So you may not bother about it if you don’t care whether your identity is revealed or not.
    • Choose your payment method.
      • Card
      • PayPal
    • Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Place Order.”

Your order will be placed and both your domain and hosting will be ready. Meanwhile, WordPress will not be installed automatically.

Note: If you choose “I already have a domain” you’d need to change the domain DNS to your hosting DNS for propagation. If not, even after you have installed the WordPress script, your site will not work.

How to Install WordPress on cPanel

With your domain name and hosting account ready you can proceed to install the WordPress script on your website. Therefore, the following steps explain how to install WordPress on cPanel from your hosting service.

  • Log into your cPanel from your hosting account. If you don’t know how to login into your cPanel account without going through your hosting account just follow the steps below.
    • Log into your hosting account.
    • Click on “Web Hosting” on the left pane.
    • Click on the “Settings” gear icon in the web hosting list section.Web hosting >> Settings
    • Click “Here” in the “automatic Login” under “ Standard Web Hosting Login”Click on automatic login
  • A new tab will open and you will be redirected to your hosting account without login. To use your login click on “Manual Login.”
  • Scroll down to “Softaculous Apps Installer” and click “Softaculous Apps installer.”Softaculous Apps installer
  • Click “Install WordPress” from the list of scripts available.Choose Install WordPress
  • Choose your domain name in the file destination, blog name, description, admin username, password, admin email, and language, scroll down and select a theme, and enter the destination email address to receive your admin URL and other information such as your database, and click on “Install.”Install WordPress
  • You will see the installation process as seen in the image below.WordPress installation progress bar
  • Once the progress bar gets to 100% your WordPress blog will be ready to use.

This is how to install a WordPress blog on cPanel whether you already have a domain name or not. You can leave a comment below if you encounter any problems with this guide.

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