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Nesstool is a VPN app to prevent third-party apps that are working perfectly on iOS and Android devices from stopped working after the app developed have revoked it from the third-party download sources.

It’s really annoying and tiring when already downloaded apps stopped working without any hindrance. The happens the moment the app developer revoke the app license.

However, to prevent this from happening and stay smart ahead of the app developer who may at anytime revoke the app license, you need to download Nesstool for Android and Nesstool for iOS.

TutuApp recognized this loophole and decided to develop a counter app for iOS and Android phone users to be able to keep using the same app after the app license has been revoked.

Download Nesstool

What does Nesstool Do?

Firstly, Nesstoll is developed by TutuApp. This means that the app cannot be revoked, it will be available as long as TutuApp is still functioning. However, the app is subject to a constant update to make the app work with new and old apps whose licenses are revoked.

This app is good and works perfectly with iOS app bypass apps developers license right and still make the app function perfectly. The Nesstool works fine with old and updated iOS apps version.

The implication of using Nesstool is that once the app is installed on your iOS or Android device, the app automatically installed a VPN on the device that let users bypass apps restriction revokes.

However, Ness tool works this way: Ness tool redirects all incoming rules coming from Apple to stop an app from working to a different server and block the communication rule with revoked enterprise certificate.

Download Nesstool for iOS  10/11/12

Follow the procedures below to download and install Nesstool on your iDevice

  • Download and install TutuApp for your Android device or your iOS device
  • Verify your TutuApp regular account
  • Type Ness tool without space in the search bar and hit the search button
  • Tap on the app and hit the download button
  • Wait for some seconds and follow the on-screen to download and install the app on your device.

Note: For Android users, endeavor to enable install from unknown sources so to be able to successfully install the app on your Android.

For iOS users, there is a need to add the tool as a trusted device on your iOS 11. Following the procedure below you will be able to add the Ness tool app as a trusted device.

Add Nesstool as a Trusted App

Here is how to add the Ness tool as a trusted app on your iPhone/iPad/iPod 6G Touch.

  • Go to your iOS settings
  • Tap on the general option
  • Go to profile & device manager
  • Go to ‘Enterprise Apps”
  • Tap ‘iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc’.
  • Tap on the popup that says add “‘iPhone Distribution: Morton Metal Spinning Inc’.” as a trusted app.
  • Done.

That is all you need to do to make Nesstool work perfectly on your Android and iOS devices to help blocked apps whose developers license are revoked from working on your iOS and Android devices.

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