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Aptoide is a popular app download store alternative to the Google apps store and Apple apps store for Android and the Apple iOS devices. The Aptoide APK app downloader, Aptoide, is an app store that granted access to download all third-party apps, apps that are kicked out of the official mobile apps stores, the play store and the Apple store.

Similarly, you have the chance to download paid apps from Aptoide and install it on your phone without paying a dime.

The Aptoide APK is similar to TutuApp, vShare, Vidmate, AppMarket, and other third-party sites to download cracked and hacked games for free without rooting and jailbreaking your iOS and Android devices.

When you want to download games like Minecraft, Pokemon Go hacked, SnapChat++, WhatsApp ++, Facebook ++, GB WhatsApp, Aptoide is certainly one of the trusted sources you can download these mod apps from and for free.

It’s totally safe to use Aptoide to download and install APK apps and paid and freemium apps on Android and iOS.

There has been a lot of controversial questions and responses on whether Aptoide is safe or note, whether Aptoide can transfer a virus to your phone or not, whether Aptoide requires registration for both new and old users to be part of the community before they can download apps, games, and utilities for free.

This is what this guide is set to explain and to direct you on how to download Aptoide on Android and sideload the app on your iOS devices.

With Aptoide TV you can set and optimize your TV box to use Aptoide on your TV set. This is different from the Lite version. With Aptoide TV, you have access to unlimited apps and add-ons on your smart TV.

Aptoide APK download

Is Aptoide Safe?

Yes! The apps download is safe to download and install on your phone. Despite the fact that the app is kicked out of play store, that doesn’t connote that the app transfer viruses to your device.

However, and since these apps are not owned and developed by Aptoide’s teams, the apps downloaded from this source can be virus prone. This doesn’t imply that it’s not safe to use Aptoide but the apps downloaded from this source may be virus infected and this is beyond the app’s team revolution.

How to be Part of Community

There is no special requirement to start using the APK apps store to start download free and paid apps, cracked and mod games, and hacked apps on your smartphone. The only requirement is internet access to download the app and search for an app to download directly from the app store without using an online website.

Aptoide Lite Download

Aptoide Lite is similar to the official Aptoide apps download store. It offers a similar interface but meant to be used for users with a slow internet connection.

If your internet connection is very slow and couldn’t download apps from the Aptoide app directly, all you need to do is download Aptoide lite and install it on your smartphone.

In our next article, we’ll explain in detail how you can explore the Aptoide lite app to download and install apps and utility on your smartphone for Android and iOS users.

However, it worth to note that both Aptoide iOS and the lite version works in a similar way. Therefore, if you the official app download from the Aptoide website via the site URL, you may not need to download the lite version provided you have healthy network coverage.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

For Android users to be able to install Aptoide APK after a successful download, install from unknown sources must be enabled. Follow these procedures to do that.

  • Go to your Android phone settings
  • Tap on the security option
  • Scroll down half way and click on install from unknown sources
  • Accept the popup information to toggle-on the unknown sources permission
  • Done.

For iOS users, there is also an action that is required before you start using the app store to sideload apps directly from the apps store to your iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod 6G Touch)

Download Aptoide from TutuApp

If you already download and install TutuApp on your Android phone here is how to install Aptoide directly from the app.

  • Launch TutuApp APK app your Smartphone or download TutuApp and install it on your phone before you proceed. iOS users should download TutuApp here also.
  • Verify your TutuApp here
  • Navigate back to TutuApp home and type “Aptoide” without quotes in the search box and click on Go button to begin the search.
  • When the research result is displayed tap on download besides the Aptoide APK app.
  • Download the app. This only takes a few seconds or minutes depending on your internet connection’s speed.
  • Tap on the downloaded app to start installing. You can find this from the notification tray or go to your apps download folder.

For iOS users, it’s almost a similar approach. However, due to differences in OS configuration, you may need a little different approach if you are not using TutuApp. And, since our goal is to download the app install and install it on your smartphone using TutuApp, the procedure above works.

Add Aptoide iOS as a Trusted App iPhone

Once you have successfully installed the app on your iPhone, it’s required of you to add the app as a trusted app under profile & management so that you will not encounter a problem using the app to download other apps and games on your iPhone and other iOS devices.

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