How to Remove Ads from TutuApp Basic

One of the reasons to upgrade from TutuApp basic to TutuApp pro is to stop the popup ads when you launch the app on iOS and Android. If you are thinking of how you can block TutuApp ads you should consider an upgrade to TutuApp VIP.

To upgrade to TutuApp VIP cost a mereĀ $12.99/yr and it really worth it. However, if you prefer the basic to VIP and you are ready to let go the benefit of using TutuApp VIP here I will share with you how to block TutuApp ads.

As a part of our commitment to making sure you enjoy TutuApp without a distress and remove all ads popping up here is a trick to removing the ads once and for all.

However, it worth to note that once this is done the TutuApp app will stop showing and the next update might trigger the app to start running with ads again.

Block TutuApp Ads

How to Block TutuApp Ads Using Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an app to remove ads from all apps with ads. However, to block ads on TutuApp without upgrading to VIP follow these procedures.

  • Download and install Lucky Patcher APK
  • Lucky Patcher will load all apps you have installed on your phone.
  • Scroll down to TutuApp and click on the app where Lucky Patcher says “Google Ads Found”
  • Click on “Menu of Patches” to open the option to choose from for you
  • Click on create Modified APK file
  • Click on APK without Google Ads
  • Click on rebuild the app
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to re-create the APK and remove the ads
  • Done

Once this is done the Google ds found before will be removed and you will no longer see ads whenever you launch the app. Another means to remove the ads is to subscribe to TutuApp VIP.

This is the exact procedure to follow to remove TutuApp ads without upgrading to TutuApp VIP for free.

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