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123Movies alternatives

123Movies.to is one of the top sites to stream movies online illegally in case you don’t want to pay for service to watch movies on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and many other top streaming services.

The best source to stream popular movies in 123Movies. During its prime, 123Movies used to be the best way to stream and download movies for free online before it was shut down.

Other 123Movies proxy sites also suffer this ban. And since, users have been searching for 123moives official sites in 2019 and 123Movies alternatives to search and download movies online.

Note: 123Movies is a torrent site and is not safe. Surfing this movies site will reveal your IP to a spy which can be really harmful. For this, we suggest you use VPN to mask your IP address whenever you are streaming 123Movies.us or its proxies and its alternatives.

Free VPN Trial to Stream Movies Online.

123Movies alternatives

123Movies Alternatives

Here is a list of popular sites similar to 123Movies official site to stream and download movies for free.

1. FzMovies

Free movies download sites

You don’t need to go somewhere else in search of free movies to download and stream online. FzMovies is one of the few sites that offer free access to download movies without a limitation.

Here you can download different types of movies for free and there is no need for registration.

To make it easy for users to navigate, movies are sectioned into categories so you can easily access your choice of movies.

2. O2Tvseries


O2Tvseries is an ancient movies site with a poor design but quality contents for free download. The site is free to stream movies and have access to different link clone to download uploaded movies.

Some movies are uploaded directly to the source to download. Those that are not there are linked to the source. This is similar to 123movies when the movies are not in their database.

Both new and old movies are available to download and can be downloaded in a different format. You can download Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Anime, Cartoon, etc are some of the popular categories on the platform.

3. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time for Windows, iOS, Android

Popcorn time operates differently and is similar to other free movies download site when it comes to features.

However, instead of visiting Popcorn time on the web to search for movies to stream and download, the platform has an installer for all platform such that after you have installed it on your device you can just begin to search for movies to download on.

It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android device. There is probably no different between 123Movies and Popcorn time apart from popularity.

4. FMovies


I’m a fan of 123Movies.to before I switched to FMovies shortly are its ban for sharing pirated contents and as one of the largest free streaming service online from 1026 through 2018.

FzMovies is a free movies’ streaming and download site hosting a different kind of movies from a different country for a free download. If you are a fan of Chinses movies, FMovies is the right place to get the latest.

If you have an unbeatable passion for Indian and Pakistan movies, FMovies is the right place to check.

Just trust me, you will get a different source to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies on FMovies.

Once a link is dead you can report to the admin and within a short period, it’ll be fixed.

5. OpenLoadMovies

Open Load Movies site

The number of time OpenLoadMovies has changed domain names to make sure you are not denied access to free movies download is more than you can ever imagine.

On this platform, you can download different types of movies in various categories starting from Adventure to documentary until you get to the crime movies section, comedy, etc.

However, to stream and download movies on this platform is considered very easy and there is no technical guide required.

When you search for the movie you want to download you will be presented with an option to start streaming and four different options, the cast, trailer, and links to download the movies.

To download just click on the link and click on the movie download button while you only need to grab a cup of coffee to start streaming.

More option to stream movies on this platform includes a feature to hide all the widget and expand to a full screen.

6. Showbox


Showbox is a mobile app to stream movies for free on Android and iOS smartphones similar to 123Movies. Showbox APK is dedicated to streaming movies on smartphones alone.

Not only that you can also download and install the APK movies streaming app on your Windows and Mac computer using emulators. For devices like PS3 and PS4 to stream movies online just download and install Showbox APK on your game console and thank me later.

If you have a Firestick or Amazon TV or Smart TV such as Samsung TV, Apple TV, LG TV, etc you can download and install Showbox App on your smart device and replace the home cable with the free app to stream movies online for free.

7. Vidmate

Vidmate video downloader

More than half of my friends are already using Vidmate app to download and watch movies online since 123Movies no longer open.

You too, you have to upgrade from the old means of streaming movies to the new approach. You know YouTube is a legal source to watch videos but you are not allowed to download it right and 123Movies is illegal source to download and stream movies online.

However, Vidmate linked to YouTube feed and syncs all YouTube videos to the app to download it. This now means that you can download YouTube video using the Vidmate app.

If you are considering 123 Movies similar site to download and watch movies for free online you should consider the Vidmate app. And within the app, you will be able to watch YouTube movies on your phone and still be able to download YouTube videos.

8. Cinema HD

123 Movies

I joined the league of those that are using Cinema HD when Showbox had piracy problem and it has since then become one of the best apps to stream movies on phone.

However, the CinemaHD app has since then replaced 123Movies official site on my phone and I no longer need to open my browser before I can stream trending movies on my smartphone.

All I need to do is just to launch the CinemaHD app and search for the movie to stream, click on it and choose resolution type and grab a cup of coffee to start watching.

9. Playbox HD

Playbox app to streaming movies

Playbox HD is similar to Showbox and CinemaHD to watch and download movies on phones. In fact, this seamless app buffers faster than most of the free movies streaming apps mentioned above.

This free movies app can easily transfer your phone to a cinema house if you have a lot of friends that love streaming movies online.

On Playbox HD movies are sectioned into categories for easy access and you can also use the search box to search for movies by typing the title or the author for different movies and then choose from.

10. Livenet TV


The LiveNet TV app is an app to watch football on Android phone for free and at the same time, the app can be used to stream movies online.

If you are looking for a multi-task tool to watch movies like 123Movies.us site that serve as a means to stream live football, cricket, rugby, etc you should consider the Livenet TV app.

I first learn about the Livenet TV app from a friend and since then I am fully addicted to it to watch both local and international news, listen to sport news, watch movies for free, and stream movies based on country.

You can watch trending movies and drama from Canada on this app, countries like  Afghan, Filipino, South Indian, Thailand, Italy, and many others.

You can also watch Punjabi movies for free using this mobile app at no cost and without registration. One of the features that will make you glue is the channel request feature to request for a particular channel you enjoy watching on your cable.

You can also visit the app official site to learn more about the app and its features.

If you are following a live event like an upcoming football match between two clubs such as Simba vs Sevilla, Tahiti vs Senegal, Premier League Darts, etc just hover to Livenet TV menu and click on Live event to know when the event is coming up.

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